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Motivation : Expectation vs Reality

Motivation is something that we need to do everything, the desire , the spark that makes us get out of bed and work towards our goal. We all understand what 'motivation' is , why we need it. We all would even have ways to find 'the motivation' but does it always work ? You might have read a book at some point that would have given you the inspiration you were seeking and you would have started working towards your goal. But somewhere along the way some doubt would have seeped in , you would have slowly started to drift away from your goal , the motivation that you felt so strongly initially is nowhere to be found. And that is a path we all usually end up following. That is the truth.

But does it always have to be this way ?

Motivation is not a materialistic possession - It is not something that you can own.

It is a spiritual thing. You need to feel it. You need replenish it over and over again.

Like you eat everyday , make a habit to motivate yourself everyday.

The way your body needs food to survive similarly your mind needs this motivation.

Five things you can do to motivate yourself everyday :

  1. Give yourself confidence - tell yourself that you can accomplish the task that you set out to do. Positive affirmations work... I have met people(and I used to be one of those people) who say that these tactics does not help, if you are feeling low how can positive thinking help ? But they forget that the opposite was proving to be true - i.e. when they kept giving themselves negative conditioning , it affected them. It made them miserable at times and they ended up abandoning their goals. So if negative thinking can effect us why not positive thinking ?

  2. Find things that motivates you - It can be a paragraph from a book , a video , a song , anything that reminds you that you got this. YOU GOT THIS , tell yourself everyday.

  3. Note your progress - Note down anything that you accomplish, big or small. Achieving (even simplest of tasks) are the greatest motivator.

  4. Keep a diary - Write the things that cloud your mind. We go through hundreds and hundreds of thoughts in a day, writing things down would help to keep negative emotions at bay ( vent and forget) , positive thoughts would give you hope to keep moving forward.

  5. Revisit your goals - When you are working towards a goal , reminding yourself of it would allow you take smart decisions. You should always remember what you set out to achieve , why you have that goal. Be aware of it always.

Share your thoughts and let me know what motivates you.

Happy Motivating :)


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