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How to reap the benefits of overthinking?

Do you often reach to a status of anxiety just by following your train of thoughts ?

Do you always end up imagining the worst possible scenarios ?

Do you end up with an agitated mind and loose sleep overthinking ?

You are not alone , many of us do that. The extent may differ, but as you have a mind, you think. As simple as that. The problem is when your habit of overthinking is causing you stress and uneasiness. It is hindering your growth, productiveness and your overall wellbeing.

So how do we address this problem?

*Before going any further let me just tell you that I am not a trained professional.

I am an individual sharing thoughts based on my observations.

Based on my personal experience overthinking makes us worry about problems that do not exist and as a result of which we create real problems for ourselves. Weird right ? And when you start dealing with real issues in your life you realise how pointless those unnecessary thoughts were.

You know the thing is we know that overthinking is bad for us yet we keep putting ourselves in such situations. Why? How can we avoid it? Let's see shall we ?

We usually overthink when :

  1. We are not busy enough.

  2. We are doing tasks that makes our mind wander.

  3. We are going to sleep.

Basically when our mind is free.

So is it not allowed to be free , is it not allowed to have some down time ?

It does , it absolutely does.

While pondering about why we overthink and how it affects our life, I realized that 'overthinking' is not a problem, 'what we overthink about' that is the problem.

It's all about conditioning your brain. For ex - you wish to loose weight. Lets see how we are affected by the way we think :

Scenario1: So lately you started thinking that if I do not loose weight , keep putting it on I might develop some health issues, it will impact me, people around me. It will effect me mentally, physically and financially.

At this stage you have turned your mind into a panic chamber, now if you start doing anything for weight-loss it is associated with a negative emotion.

Scenario2: You think about the benefits of loosing weight. You'll have more energy, you will feel good , look good and become a better version of yourself. At this point you are giving positive emotions that associates a happy feeling with weight-loss.

See, what and how you think makes a lot of difference.

In order to reap the benefits of overthinking we will work on positive thinking.

I suggest you to do the following steps to begin with the process:

  1. Note down the times and activities that causes your mind to wander and cause stress.

  2. Note down the activities that gives you positive feelings, for eg: listening music.

  3. Combine the two. For eg: While cooking or washing dishes my mind sometimes wanders , I pair these with music that I can sing along, and voila I enjoy my work without putting pressure on my precious brain.

  4. Another thing you can try while thinking about something that is causing you stress - look at the relevance of it. For eg: While falling asleep you remember about some embarrassing moment and your train of thought is hindering your sleep, you recall a good memory/ achievement and try to relive it. It will provide you comfort and your negative thought process will suppress.

  5. Start Meditation - try some guided meditation videos. With practice you will be able to have a handle on your thought process.

Happy Overthinking ;)


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