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Give way to JOY

I do not know who and how many of you need to hear this , but I need to. I feel like I am writing this more for myself than for anyone else and you know this is the best thing I can do.

Many times when we are on the verge of something good happening in our lives we let our brain have this amazing thought - "what if?" These two golden words have been screwing with our lives for as far as I can remember.

We have become so accustomed to keep ourselves ready for the worse that we forget how to enjoy the moments of pure simple happiness. I am not talking about big monumental moments I am talking about small things in our day to day lives. During big moments you are obviously happy like graduation , first job, marriage , babies and so on. How many of such big moments do you expect in your life ? A few , then what about rest of our lives? Are we allowed to be ecstatic only on special moments and just let everything else be meh!

I don't think so, I don't believe so, for me eating pani puri or having an ice-cream is also counted as a moment of joy and I think we should let our brains know that, tell it - 'yes I am happy.'

Let me ask you this , how many times a week you say to yourself , "I am feeling good?"

I say that very rarely even when I do not have any problem to solve. But when there is a issue I do not let my brain forget it. I keep constantly nagging it that 'Bro , how are we gonna come out of this? How , when ..?' You see , this is such negative conditioning and the sad part is that we have become used to it.

I agree we should all prepare for the rainy days , but who said that when its sunny and blooming outside we are not allowed to enjoy it.

This is so hypocritic of us to ask our brains to treat happiness and sadness differently. To give sadness more weightage when ironically all we want is to be happy.

Everyone is dealing with problems , there is always something that needs to be handled.

Still, remember, all the days in your lives are going to have positive and negative parts. Focusing only on the negative will give way to only sadness, anxiety, anger but looking at the positive will help you cope with such emotions.

Let me put this simply - and I also want myself to listen - If negative emotions can cause sadness, anxiety, depression, anger .. Positive emotions are also capable of giving you happiness, peace and calm.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with you , you do not need to be happy , you are perfectly capable of finding happiness in your day to day lives. And even if you have to work for it , there is no shame in admitting that.

Accept, embrace and move on.


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